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This kit can be assembled as either the Soviet Union Mig-17F or the Polish-made version, the Lim-5, used by the German Democratic Republic during the Cold War.

The new AMMO MiG-17F is manufactured with new and exclusive tooling. Utilising the latest plastic moulding technology to ensure a perfect fit and highly detailed result.

The basic kit includes:

  • Photoetch parts.
  • Detailed afterburner interior.
  • Detailed undercarriage and landing gear.
  • Positionable flaps and ailerons.
  • Positionable air brakes.
  • External Fuel Tanks.

The Premium Special Edition also includes:

  • Canopy masks by Ginger Cat.
  • Red Fox Studio 3D instrument panels.
  • 3D resin printed resin set consisting of an ejector seat, two rocket launchers with pylons, a ladder, and a pilot's helmet.


The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 was one of the most iconic post-WW2 Soviet fighters. It was the second jet fighter produced by the Soviet Union, following the MiG-15, and preceding other renowned Soviet fighters such as the MiG-19 and MiG-21. The overall design was based on the MiG-15 and featured new wings, a 20% longer fuselage, and a more powerful VK-1 engine, incorporating an afterburner in the F variant. The MiG-17 entered service in 1951 with the initial MiG-17A model (NATO designation: Fresco A); and was followed two years later, in 1953, by the MiG-17B (Fresco B). This was then followed by the most widespread and well-known variant, the MiG-17F (Fresco C).

The MiG-17F is one of the most iconic aircraft of the Cold War. It was one of the most widely used aircraft of the period, as well as being produced by a number of countries. It was licensed in Poland under the designation: Lim-5, and in China under the designation: Shenyang J-5.